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News:- New page 10-August-2002

New page added that lists which game that supports Transfer Pack.

News:- Update 19-January-2001

PC game compatibility update, and recieved som great info from Jake Catherwood and here is what he says about Kingpin and Project IGI on PC:

"The adaptoid is the only controller that i know off that you can use the main direction stick for forward/backward/straff left/right in this game .This is done by setting the main control stick to digital an setting the game for aux11-14.
I use it with buttons a/b/start/z which are still accessable with one hand and use the mouse with the other hand the level of control is unbeatable.
Just thought i would write as it is an exellent setup ,although it dosnt work with project igi even the keyboard mapper which works fine in other games (ie fifa and pacific warriors)refuses to work in igi which means i have to go back to using keyboard and mouse ,shame but there you are."

- - -
BTW: I have still got no submittions on which games that is in Widescreen on PC, Amiga and consoles.

News:- New section 9-January-2001

A new section is added that will list which games that supports Widescreen.

The aspect ratio that fits here is between is 1:66:1 -> 1:85:1. Larger sizes will be totally wrong, but are welcome.

I have added some Nintendo 64 games, but there are more, and other systems do support it too. Jet Force Gemini, Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark is actually enhanced for 16:9 TV's and will fit the screen 100% correct in 1:78:1.

If you have some additions, then please mail me so i can add it.

BTW: Pokemon Stadium 2 N64 is added to the Dolby Surround page!

News:- Compatibility 15-November-2000

PC Compatibility page is updated:

2 more games that works great with Adaptoid.

Midtown Madness 2
Motocross Madness 2

NOTE: It's hard to find a game that don't work with Adaptoid, because it's compatible almost everything you try including Force Feedback.

News:- Breaking News! 14-November-2000

Wishtech has just mailed me with news for something that is really groovy for their Adaptoid!

New drivers: v1.3.175
New Program called "Adaptoid Configurator"

This is the most advanced Joystick mapping program i have seen for a long time.
With this program you can make your own remap scripts, an own Adaptoid config for every Game and Emulators, Remap Keyboard to N64 Pad buttons and more!
If you are a lucky owner of Adaptoid, then download the drivers that includes the new config program.

Remember to read the readme file for lots of info on this update!
You can download the new drivers/program here or at Wishtech's page.

NOTE: I have changed server so the downloads works now!

Screenshot section added!

Press Screenshots on the menu to view pictures of the Adaptoid programs!

News:- Compatibility 10-October-2000

NOTE: I haven't got any more submittions on Dolby Surround support on games, but i have found more myself, but have to confirm them fist.

New PC Games added which works perfect with Adaptoid.

Grand Prix Evolution
Metal Gear Solid PC

News:- Dolby Surround Update 2 26-September-2000

I got mail from Psykechan with the information about the TG16 Games.. The TG 16 Console is in mono only and none DS sound games were probably released for the system.

BTW: For people that are still wondering if Adaptoid is good, then i can just say that i have used it for 9 months now 100% problem free and works in all windows games, DOS Games runned in Windows and Emulators. Most Force Feedback PC Games work with Rumble Pack too with the latest Rumble Pack drivers.

News:- Dolby Surround Update 1 26-September-2000

I got lots of mail today regarding DS, and thanks to the following contributors: Michael Arm, Tuxedo Mask, Psyman, Dag Bremer, Ted, David, Iwakura Lain, Stuart Allsopp, Davide, Jonathan J. Burtenshaw.

There were mostly SNES contributions, but a few on other systems as well.

New systems added: 3DO, Saturn, TurboGrafx 16.

I will split the page into sections when it's growing bigger.

News:- Compatibility / DS  24-September-2000

Sim Copter PC works great with Adaptoid.

A page that show which PC, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo and AMIGA  games that supports "Dolby Surround" sound is added and it's very incomplete.

If you people know of games with DS support, then please mail me so i can add it to the list.

BTW: Do Resident Evil 1 & 2 PC support Dolby Surround ? Do i miss any Star Wars games that do ?

News:- Compatibility   8-September-2000

Adaptoid works perfect with Team Fortress 1.5 Demo PC.
(The games are added the the PC list too of course.)

News:- Compatibility   23-August-2000

Adaptoid works great with Resident Evil 2 PC.

Emulation compatibility list updated.

TRWin 2.36 (Works Perfect)
Virtual Game Station (Works Perfect)

News:- Compatibility   20-August-2000

Adaptoid works with Messiah PC.

You can now use to access this page!

News:- Compatibility   9-July-2000

Adaptoid works with Final Fantasy 8 PC.

News:- Compatibility   15-June-2000

Nintendo 64 - Ultrahle 1.0

Diddy Kong Racing V1.1 Rumbles Perfect in Ultrahle, but it is almost unplayable because of tons of missing textures.

PC Games:

Carmageddon 2 Force Feedback works with the latest drivers..:)

I will re-check the games that didn't work or almost work in a couple of days and post the results.

News:- Drivers   22-May-2000


The new version is 1.2.78 and here is the list of new features:

- Force Feedback support is improved
- You can calibrate the Force Feedback settings on-the-fly with the controller.

This is a great update and you can get the drivers here.

Check also the readme file for instructions on how to use the Force Feedback features.

The latest drivers is now online including the development kit for programmers who wants to implement Adaptoid to emulators, games and more..

News:- PC Comp   14-May-2000

The sun is really hot in Norway these days, so i currently don't use the net much, but i will of course update the page.

Descent 3 works perfect with Adaptoid and Rumble Pack

Beetle Crazy Cup is working with Adaptoid and thanks to Marc Davies for this info.
NOTE: This game only works with Joysticks at ID 1 in the Joystick Control Panel.

News:- Drivers   08-May-2000


Wishtech has again released updated drivers for the Adaptoid.
The new version is 1.1.63.

Here is the info about the updated driver i got from wish Technologies.

"There was an intermittant bug in the rumble support for multiple adaptoids in 1.1.59 which caused a variety of problems (oops!). It's fixed now in 1.1.63."

You can download them from Wishtech's web site under the downloads section.

News:- Drivers   06-May-2000


Wishtech have released updated drivers for the Adaptoid.

The new drivers v1.1.59 does now support Rumble Pack on multiple N64 controllers and has Windows 2000 support and even more stuff.

Note: You must read the readme.txt file before installing and you can get the drivers at

News:- Rumble   29-April-2000

I am back from a 2 week vacation.

Got this by mail from a Beta Tester i think.

Motocross Madness 2 works perfect with Adaptoid and Rumble Pack.
This game is not released yet, so i don't know..

PC Games added:

Rally Championship 2000 (FF works)
Rally Masters (FF works)

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