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January / February 2000 News


News:- Rumble   10-April-2000

PC Games added:

Allegiance (FF works)
Unreal Tournament - (Works with all buttons)

Corn 0.2 is added to emulation comp list.

News:- Rumble   4-April-2000

PC Games added:

Gunship! (AKA Gunship 3000)
Joint Strike Fighter (FF works)

News:- Rumble   27-Mar-2000

PC Games added:

Need for Speed - Porsche 2000 (FF works)
Thief 2 - The Metal Age

News:- Rumble   20-Mar-2000

PC Games added:

Croc 2 (Detected both Adaptoids, but doesen't work at all.)
Die Hard Trilogy 2 (FF Works)
Dirt Track Racing (FF Works)

News:- Rumble   19-Mar-2000

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is added to Nemu Rumble page.

Several more games is added to the Nemu Rumble Pack page.

News:- Rumble   11-Mar-2000

64 Ohzumou is added to Ultrahle Rumble page and it works..:)
Rampage: World Tour works with Rumble Pack

All dates is now complete.

News:- Update  9-Mar-2000

PC Compatibility page is updated and i have added following games:

Moto Racer 2
Silkolene Honda Motocross GP (FF works)
Superbike 2000
Test Drive 6
The Nomad Soul - Omikron

I also recieved my second Adaptoid today, so i will add info on 2 Adaptods with a third Joypad in the Joystick Port so i will see how it it works out with 3 Gamepads..:)

News:- Update  6-Mar-2000

PC Compatibility page is updated and i have added following games:

Super 1 Karting (FF Doesen't Work)

News:- Update   6-Mar-2000

Emulator Compatibility page is updated.

Nemu:- Update   5-Mar-2000

The Nemu 64 emu is suddenly running fast, but the drawback is that Nemu is still so unstable that it crashes windows bigtime, so i must reboot after i try every game. It runs at ~40.fps with ATI Rage Pro 2 and P2 400.

There is currently some games in the Nemu Rumble compatibility list now.

New Logo:- GFX   3-Mar-2000

Thanks to Sjur at for the cool logo.

News:- Update  3-Mar-2000

PC Compatibility page is updated and i have added following games:

Star Wars: Jedi Knight
Star Wars: Jedi Knight  - MOTS

News:- Update  2-Mar-2000

PC Compatibility page is updated and i have added following games:

F/A-18 Super Hornet Attack (DVD-ROM)
F18 Super Hornet
Ford Racing (FF Works)
Lego Racers
Renegade Racers
Team Alligator Ka-52

News:- Leap Year- 29/Feb/00

Leap Year

Read more about it here

Nemu 64: Update  28-Feb-2000

Rumble Pack compatibility list is delayed, because the new version is 10.times slower than v 0.6 on my same system.

Adaptoid with Rumble Pack rumbled at least one time in Ridge Racer 64, so
the rumbling works as promised.

Nemu 64 0.7: Released  28-Feb-2000

Nemu 64 0.7 is released and the list is too long to list here, but it has direct Adaptoid support including Rumble Pack and much more.

I have added a Nemu 64 Rumble section and i will update it as soon as possible.

You can download Nemu 64 at

News:- Update  26-Feb-2000

PC Compatibility page is updated and i have added following games:

Beetle Crazy Cup (Doesen't work at all)
Damage Inc.
Fighting Force
Hard Truck
Luftwaffe Commander
MDK -> (N64 Controller made for it :)
Small Soldiers
Soldier of Fortune (FF Doesen't work)
Thunder Brigade
Toca Touring Car Championship 2

News:- Update  21-Feb-2000

PC Compatibility page is updated and i have added following games:

A Bug's Life
BreakNeck -Nice 2 (Perfect)
Carmageddon 2
Castrol Honda Superbike
Dawn of Aces
Drakan - Order of the flame
NHL 2000
F-22 Lightning 3 (Perfect)
Fatal Abyss (Force Feedback only)
Grand Touring
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
Mig Alley
Motor Mash
Phoenix (Perfect)
Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear
Sinistar Unleashed
Snow Wave Avalanche
Thrust, Twist'n Turn
Phoenix (Perfect)

News:- Update  20-Feb-2000

PC Compatibility page is updated and i have added following games:

Descent 3 (FF may work)
Descent Freespace (Perfect)
Extreme G 2
Fifa 2000
Fighter Squadron (Perfect)
Freespace 2 (Perfect)
Pro Pilot '99 (Perfect)
Rollcage (Perfect)
Sega Rally 2
Total Soccer 2000
Ultimate Race Pro

News:- Update  20-Feb-2000

Emulator Compatibility page is now updated.

If the Adaptoid have the ID 1 in Windows Joystick Control panel, then it should work with the most PC Games and Emulators.

NOTE: The Adaptoid works on most DOS Games and Emu's in a Windows DOS mode and not in real DOS, since there is no USB driver made for DOS.

News:- Update  19-Feb-2000

PC Compatibility page updated and i have added following games:

Battle Arena: Toshinden 2
Destruction Derby
Die Hard Trilogy
Frogger 3D
Grand Theft Auto
Monster Truck Madness
Monster Truck Madness 2
Nightmare Creatures
Speed Boat Attack
Soda Off Road Racing
Streets of Sim City
Test Drive 4
Tiger Shark
Toca Touring Car Championship
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider 2
Tomb Raider 3
Tomb Raider 4
Twisted Metal 2
Winter Race 3D

NOTE: Most DOS Games works with up to 4.Buttons on a N64 Controller

News:- Update  18-Feb-2000

PC Compatibility page is now updated and i have added following games:

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance
VR Sports Powerboat Racing

News:- New Layout 18-Feb-2000

I will get a new new logo probably later today.

As you may see, i have made a new better web and removed frames and added more features and links to make this as complete resource as possible for The Adaptoid Nintendo 64 USB adapter for PC by Wish Technologies.

16/02-2000 News

If you have any suggestions or submitions, then you can mail me here with pressing the E-Mail link on the left menu.
15/02-2000 News

PC Comp pages and Files page is updated and i am sorry for the lack updates lately. I am running 8 different Web Pages, but 3 of them are time consuming.
05/02-2000 News

PC Comp pages is updated again.
31/01-2000 News

PC Comp pages and Files page is updated! Several more games that work with RumblePack/Force Feedback is added.

AMA Superbike DeviceMap config file with correct axis.

I have also added the joyport the games work on.
30/01-2000 News

Emu Comp and PC Comp pages is updated again.
29/01-2000 News

Emu Comp and PC Comp pages is updated!
28/01-2000 N64 Rumble

The Ultrahle Rumble Pack compatibility page is now almost 100% finished
27/01-2000 News

Adaptoid PC Compatibility, Emulation Compatibility and Ultrahle with Rumble Pack pages is up and will continually be updated as i progress with testing.
27/01-2000 News

Adaptoid Source was put online today, and it is a support site for the Wishtec Adaptoid Adapter, Ultrahle and Nemu 64. This site will also contain N64 SRAM Saves, Mempack files and compitibility lists.

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